Template Journal Nero

Download Template Jurnal Nero (Network Engineering Research Operation) : 





  1. The author includes a telephone number that can be contacted at Corresponding author. Phone, according to the format.
  2. This Writing Format file is used to facilitate writing the contents of the paper (starting from 5 pages to max 20 pages)
  3. Speakers are not allowed to change the Format and LayOut, including the header and footer as well as the type and size of the font
  4. Speakers simply type (replace) the title, author, author details, the contents of the paper, and bibliography.
  5. Manuscripts are arranged in the order of the title, author's name, name and full address of each author's agency, abstract (Indonesian and English) along with keywords, introduction, theoretical basis, research methods, testing and discussion, conclusions, thanks (if any), as well as a bibliography.
  6. The standard font used for writing is Times New Roman with size 11 (for content).
  7. All citations & references must always be written in sequence numbers in the IEEE style [1] format.


  • The manuscripts should be submitted using MS-Word document; in A4 paper format, font Times New Roman 11 point 1-space, page number, and must be between six to fifteen pages. Paper margin should be set as follows: Mirror margin - margins top 3 cm and inside 4 cm, bottom and outside 2 cm.
  • For the title of the paper, typed in Times New Roman font, size 14 points UPPERCASE, spaced 1, inverted pyramid shape.
  • For all citations, the serial number must always be written in the IEEE style [1] format.
  • The author must use Zotero, Mendeley, etc as the reference manager.
  • Manuscripts are typed using the Microsoft Word program, except for tables and charts using Microsoft Excel and images using the JPEG or TIFF format.
  • The manuscript should be compiled in the following order: title page (should be written concisely describing the paper’s content), author name (without a degree), authors affiliation with postal address, email address, abstract (150-200 words), keywords (at least 4 keywords, put them in alphabetical order, and separated by commas), introduction (contains background, paper aims or contexts), main text (can be presented into sub-categories), conclusion, acknowledgments, appendixes (as appropriate), and references.
  • When submitting manuscripts, it is also obligatory to send a letter of authenticity (Copyright Transfer Form) and publication ethics. More detailed publication ethics can be read on the link OJS NERO. The statement of authenticity and ethics of the publication is expected to be read, obeyed, and signed (Copyright Transfer Form) before sending it. The Copyright Transfer Form can be downloaded at the link https://s.id/nerocopyright.